The DiGiTaL MultiMedia Store based in Burnaby, British Columbia, offers consumers and businesses a broad range of digital multimedia services. From photography, video, graphics and animation production to comprehensive business products and services and complete web services, we provide professional, cost effective solutions aimed at exceeding your expectations.

Get exactly what you want at the DiGiTal MultiMedia Store. Each product and service is designed to meet your specific requirements. Take advantage of our experience and expertise. You'll be pleased with our competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

    Video Production

We offer video production services at incredibly competitive prices.  We use professional high definition Canon video cameras with wireless microphones.  We shoot on location in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and surrounding Lower Mainland. With portable green and blue screens, lighting equipment and dollys, we can film virtually anything anywhere. Our portability saves you expensive studio time. 

Weddings, Life History, Memorials

 Advertisements, Promotions, Sales Presentations, Multimedia Marketing

BROADCAST  Documentaries

On Location
$300 per half day or $550 for the day

Best Rates In Town
Video Editing at $30 per hour

Still Shooting On Location $50 per hour
minimum 2 hours

Professional Voiceovers $100 per hour, minimum 2 hours

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    Video Editing

We offer comprehensive professional video editing services at highly competitive rates using the most technologically advanced video editing, image editing, graphics design, animation production and audio tools available today.  We have the skill sets, the tools and extensive resources to produce exactly what you're looking for.  

Save money and take advantage of our large archive of 2D and 3D graphics and animation and our soundtracks library to make your video the best it can be.  If you're looking for the latest and greatest in special effects seen in the movies or on television, we can produce them for you.       

We make it as easy as possible for you to get exactly what you want.  We offer interactive video editing services so you can watch your video while it is being edited.  We post your video to a private page on our web site so you can view it and offer feedback to us.  This way, you will always know exactly what you're getting and will be able to get exactly what you want. 

Guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

     Videocam tape conversion Voiceovers
     Video conversion for multiple photo, graphics,
        animation, video and audio formats
Video titling
Video graphics and animation
     Video and audio editing Video and audio special effects
     Soundtracks including royalty free
     Music composition
Video subtitles
DVD Menus
     Video image quality adjustments Video Mastering
         video editing more info e-mail us
    Photography Services

We offer specialty digital photography services including scanning photographs, slides, negatives, film strips, print media and artwork.  We specialize in photo restoration, resizing, collages, portraits, graphics production, 3D compositing and animation.  We prep your materials for whatever media format you require for web, print and/or any format of video.

Take delivery in digital format on CD or DVD.   Delivery also available via email and ftp where applicable.  

Let us help you bring your special collection of images to life.  Our experienced professional staff led by an Imaging engineer can transform your box of photos into any kind of presentation or DVD movie you you would like to have.  

     Photo Scans - check out our holiday sale Photo Frames
     Photo Fix Collages
     Photo Conversion Portraits
     Photo Restoration Photo Albums
     Re-size It
      photography services more info e-mail us
    Graphics And Animation

We use the best tools on the market today to produce top quality 2D and 3D graphics and animations for any type of application.   If you need graphics for hardcopy print materials or for web or video or business applications, we can produce whatever it is you are looking for.  We can build from scratch or work with whatever existing graphics and materials you may have.  Or better yet, consider our special offer below.

SPECIAL OFFER:  Save money by taking advantage of our extensive archive of thousands of high quality 2D and 3D graphics, both stills and animation.  With hundreds of themes to choose from, we have graphics for just about any occasion imaginable.  We customize graphics to suit your specific requirements and this makes it truly affordable for you to have top professional quality graphics in your project.  For beautiful professional graphics, you can't beat our quality and pricing.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  

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    Web Design And Development

Get an unbeatable combination of quality products and services for your existing or new web site. We offer you:

     FREE Web Design Consultation Web Site Security and SSL Certificates
     FREE Web Hosting Management Graphics and Animation Production
     FREE Search Engine Submissions Photography, Audio and Video Production
     FREE Web Analytics Business Products and Services
     FREE Ecommerce Merchant Account Search Engine Optimization
     Low cost Ecommerce Web Marketing

  Comprehensive Webmaster Services - your own webmaster available to you 24/7 to administer your web site
    quickly and efficiently.

  Truly affordable! Since we use leading technologies to design and develop your web site, we work fast and
    efficiently and this saves you money. Web pages from as little as $30.

    Web Design services include:
     Design and Content Authoring Customer Surveys
     Graphics and Animation Production Link Production and Management
     E-Commerce with real-time payment processing Media Communications
     Keywords Research and Analysis Newsletters
     Search Engine Optimized Pages RSS
     Audio and Video production Blogs
     Forms, Data Collection and Databases Reseller Development
     Multimedia Presentations Security - Encryption
     Catalogues Password Restricted Access
     E-books Site Performance Tracking
     Competition Analysis Performance Analysis
     Customer Relationship Management Web Site Administration and Management
     web design more info e-mail us
    Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a process that results in the improvement of the ranking of your web pages in the search results of search engines. Your goal should be to get top rankings because top rankings drive lots of traffic to your web site. Optimize pages on your web site to drive up conversion rates and watch your sales soar.

There are so many gimmicks and scams out there that can cost you a lot of money and waste time without any tangible results. Don't let anyone fool you. It's not as simple as a click of a button and success is not instant.

Give us a chance to help you beat out your competitors and help you drive up revenues.

  "Competitor's Top Keywords, and Meta Tags " Report tells you what is required to climb to the top of the heap and get a #1 ranking on Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

  "Top Keywords For Your Web Site" Report including keyword effective index by search engine.

  Meta Tag Content Authoring and Editing By Web Page

  "Web Page Critical Analysis and Recommendations" Report

  Optimized web site and web page submissions to targeted search engines and web directories

  "Web Site Link Popularity and Competitors' Link Popularity" Report includes the number of inbound links to websites from the top 6 search engines.

  "Detailed Competitors' Link Popularity" Report provides resources for building inbound links and increasing link popularity.

  "Concise Summary" Report includes search positions and ranking results by keyword and search engine.

  "Summary Description" Report includes description of listing by search engine.

  "Detail" Report includes description of listings above and below your ranked page.

  "Alert!" Report includes alerts to a decline in rank by web page by search engine.

  "Trend" Report includes rank statistics over time by search engine and keyword.

  "Competitive Analysis" Report includes comparison of your keyword position against one or more competing web sites.

  "URL Submission Verification" Report includes summary of page submission date and search engine indexing.

  "Real-time Performance Tracking" Reports available 24/7
 monitoring over 40 important performance measures.

search engine optimization more info e-mail us
    Web Marketing

The success of your business online depends on your web marketing efforts.  For over 10 years, we have been providing our clients with cost effective web marketing resources to build traffic, increase sales, improve conversion rates and improve their returns on investment.  

Our Web Marketing Service begins with examining your objectives and your existing online presence.  We provide you with a Web Marketing Plan, designed specifically to your requirements, to help you achieve your goals.  We offer you the resources to implement your Web Marketing Plan.

We provide the following Web Marketing Services:

     Improve Google PageRank Article Marketing
     Build organic search engine traffic Email Marketing
     Build Link Popularity News and Press Release Marketing
     Social Media Marketing RSS and Feed Syndication
     Blog Marketing Free Web Advertising
     Video Marketing Pay Per Click
          Web Marketing Services more info e-mail us
    Business Products And Services

With 20 years of experience in business management, we offer you Business Products and Services to help grow your business.

     Business Plans Media Communications
     Market Research and Analysis Sales Presentations
     Strategic Sales Planning Multimedia Presentations
     Branding Slide Shows
     Product Rollouts Development and Implementation Technical Writing
     Strategic Marketing Advertisements
     Tactical Marketing Book editing and publishing
     Channel Marketing E-Books
     Offline Online Marketing Integration E-Business cards
     Marketing Materials Brochures
         Business Services more info e-mail us
Consider converting images and graphics into works of art for your special projects or perhaps as gifts for special occasions.  We can turn your ideas into a piece of art that you can be proud of. 
     Calendars Insignia
     Cartoons Pencil Sketches
     Clip Art Oil Paintings
     Greeting Cards Watercolor Paintings
          Digital ArtWork more info e-mail us
    Web Hosting
We offer you top quality web hosting on dual Xeon servers from Dell and IBM with quality infrastructure and customer support.
      Premium Support 24/7 Fully Monitored Network
      Daily Mirror Drive Backups Firewalled Network
      Weekly Off-site Tape Backups Tripwire and Intrusion Detection
      Client Data Backup Scripts Discounts On Services
      Ability To Create Subdomains
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