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We offer professional top quality Scanning Services for

photos, slides, negatives, film strips, print media and artwork

We are based in Vancouver, British Columbia and we service customers around the world. We use high end state of the art scanners for top professional quality scanning. Superior quality is job #1.  Your scans are done right the first time without any hassles or complications.  The main difference between our scanning services and everyone else is that we air dust your image media prior to scanning for clean scans. Each image is scanned individually for maximum quality and then we apply  the appropriate corrections to ensure you get flawless quality delivered in every image. Your digital scans look good as new and are ready to go for all of your applications.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

Compare Us To Other Scanning Services

Digital MultiMedia Store Most other scanning service providers

1.  Superior quality is job #1.  There are no scan lines, dust particles, finger prints, dirt, scratches, hair or light blobs on the scanned image we provide you.  Our high quality scanners provide excellent luminosity, deep rich colour and image resolution.

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1.  You get what you pay for. See scanning defects including scan lines, finger prints, scratches, dirt, hair, light blobs and discolouration on scans done by a national chain store below.  Poor lighting in the scanner causes a faded, dull appearance.  Low image resolution is delivered.

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2.  Each article is individually scanned manually so we create 1 file per image.  You do not have to have any image editing software to create your image files, crop your scanned images to their image borders and there is no need to rotate your scanned images.  We save you time and money. We deliver 1 image file per image scan already cropped to its border and properly oriented.


2.  Most scanning services provide you with a file that contains multiple images.  So if you want individual images, you have to create your own.  You'll have to copy the scanned image file for each image you want and then crop and rotate each image. Here's a sample from our competitors, a national chain store. There are 8 images in 1 file:

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3.  We correct your scanned images for significant artifacts, fading and discolouration.  Most older slides and film strips are discoloured and contain hair and dirt. We will fix  even the most challenging image issues your original source media has.

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3. Most scanning services do not make any corrections to your scanned image. Most older slides and film strips are discoloured and contain hair and dirt. They are a distraction to your image.

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Preserve your special photos and images forever by getting them scanned and converted into digital media that can be used in many ways.  Our top quality scanning ensures your scans are ready to go for a variety of digital and print projects including photo albums, multimedia presentations, website images and graphics, graphics design, artwork, advertisements, animation, video, movies and more.

Top Professional Quality

We know how important your photos, slides, negatives and films are you so we do everything in our power to make sure that they are returned to you safe and sound in the same condition that we receive them. We strictly limit access to your stuff.  Your materials are never mixed with those of other customers. We always wear gloves when handling your film, slides or negatives to avoid contaminating them.  Your scans are treated with privacy and care and are never sold off or re-distributed in any way.  We always use reliable tracking shipping methods when receiving and delivering your materials.  

We never ship your slides, negatives, film or video tapes elsewhere for processing. 


All prices are in CDN dollars.  Payable by cash or by PayPal using your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and bank debit.  You will be emailed an invoice upon work completion. Payment is due upon work completion prior to delivery.

$1.00 per photograph, magazine, newspaper or other hardcopy media with size up to 8.5 inches by 11 inches
$1.00 per slide
$1.00 per frame for 35 mm or 120 film strip
$20.00 to tile 2 scans together, each additional tile $20.00
$2.00 per print up to 7 inches wide by 5 inches tall plus shipping charges
$4.00 per print 8 inches by 10 inches plus shipping charges
email delivery free
FTP delivery free
free upload to portable storage device provided by client such as a memory stick or external portable hard drive
$19.99 per CD or DVD plus shipping charges

Scan Resolution

We scan from 72 dpi straight through 19,2000 dpi.  Just let us know what resolution you require.  If you're not sure, here are some guidelines:

      72 dpi web display 
      150 dpi digital documents
      300 dpi for print media 

Getting Your Media To Us For Scanning

Wrap in bubble wrap to avoid moisture and ship in a box or container to avoid any bending.  

      If you live in the Vancouver area, call us at 604-929-9279 and drop by, registered mail or courier to us
      If you live in Canada or the USA, ship Registered Mail by Canada Post or USPS or courier
      For orders outside Canada and the USA, please arrange for secure shipment
      Please email us if you would like us to arrange your shipment by courier

Scanned Media Formats

You can take delivery of your scanned media either in digital format or hardcopy format. For digital format, select from the file types listed:

Adobe PDF (*.pdf) PC Paint (*.pic)
Adobe Illustrator (*.ai) PCIT (*.pct)
Adobe Illustrator EPS (*.eps) Pixar (*.pxr)
Adobe Illustrator SVG (*.svg) Portable Bitmap (*.pbm)
Adobe Illustrator SVG compressed (*.svgz) Portable Greymap (*.pgm)
Adobe PhotoShop (*.psd) Portable Network Graphics (*.png)
Adobe PhotoShop EPS (*.eps) Portable Pixelmap (*.ppm)
Adobe PhotoShop DCS 1.0 (*.dcs) Raw File Format (*.raw)
Adobe PhotoShop DCS 2.0 (*.dcs) SciTex Continuous Tone (*.sct)
Adobe PhotoShop PDF (*.pdf) SGI Image File (*.rgb)
Amiga (*.iff) Sun Raster Image (*.ras)
Compuserve Graphics Interchange (*.gif) Tagged Image File Format (*.tif or *.tiff)
Deluxe Paint (*.lbm) TrueVision Targa (*.tga)
Dr. Halo (*.cut) Windows Clipboard (*.clp)
Encapsulated Postscript (*.eps) Windows Enhanced Meta File (*.emf)
FlashPix (*.fpx) Windows Meta File (*.wmf)
GEM Paint (*.img) Windows or Compuserve RLE (*.rle)
JPEG (*.jpg) Windows or OS/2 Bitmap (*.bmp)
MacIntosh PICT (*.pct) Windows or OS/2 DIB (*.dib)
MacPaint (*.mac) WordPerfect Bitmap (*.wpg)
Microsoft Paint (*.msp) Zsoft Paintbrush (*.pcx)
Paint Shop Pro (*.psp)

For hardcopy format, high quality prints available on glossy or matte finish. Please specify size required.

Scanned Media Delivery

After your media is scanned, choose from the following options to take delivery of your scans:

1.  By email - file size limit of 10MB per email, multiple email delivery typically applies

2.  By FTP - no file size limits

3.  On CD or DVD delivered through Canada Post Registered Mail, Canada Post Express Post or by courier

4.  Prints delivered through Canada Post Registered Mail, Canada Post Express Post or by courier
All of your original media will be shipped back to you using the delivery method you specify.


Photo Fix Option

Our scans are high quality.  However, if the media that you have scanned has larger scratches, rips, tears, stains  or other large artifacts, these will appear in the scan.  You may select our Photo Fix option where we will completely restore your media to look flawless.  As the level of effort to make these adjustments can vary, we charge a small labour fee.  Be sure to ask us for a quote.  More information on our Photo Fix Services.

Re-Size It Option

We can re-size your scanned media to the dimensions you require.  For example, if your photograph is 3 inches wide and 2 inches tall and you need to be larger or small, we can re-size your photograph to any size for whatever your requirements including print, digital display, web display and all of the video formats.

For scanned media that is larger than 8.5 inches by 11 inches or 21.5 centimeters by 28 centimeters, we either tile multiple scans together or use a large format scanner depending on the type of media to be scanned.  

Digital ArtWork

If you'd like, we can create the graphics you need from your scanned media.  To learn more, visit our section on Graphics and Animation or Digital ArtWork.

How To Get A Quote ?

If you have any questions about our scanning products and services, give us a call at 1-604-929-9279 or e-mail us.  You can also complete the Information Request form below and you will receive a prompt and courteous reply.  Tell us how we can be of service to you.

Tell us how we can be of service to you and then let us know how to contact you.  You are guaranteed a prompt and courteous reply.

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