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We offer comprehensive video editing services for all types of video at extremely competitive rates.  Based in North Vancouver, we offer the lowest rate in our region at $30.00 per hour for our video editing services.  We use the best software technology available today for all of our video editing services.  We are experienced programmers and use many of the programs used by movie studios and television networks to create the video graphics, animation and special effects you've come to love.  

We offer an extensive archive of video backgrounds, video clips, graphics, animation, special effects, royalty free soundtracks and audio special effects that can be used very cost effectively to add that truly professional look to your video.  

Since we can incorporate a diverse range of image, video and audio sources and have an extensive archive, we can cost effectively produce graphics, animation, special effects, soundtracks and voiceovers for complete mastering of your video to DVD, tape and the web.  If you are in need of a video shoot and looking for our video production services, please see get a video production quote

Video Editing Services include:

We work with you every step of the way to make sure you are completely happy with your video. Take advantage of our free consultation where we carefully review your requirements and provide you with an affordable and competitive quote. Throughout the editing process, we will post your video on a secure restricted access web page where you can review progress and provide feedback. We make sure you end up with exactly what you want and when you want it.

We Edit Most Video Footage Formats

We edit most video footage formats captured through most brands of camcorders, professional videocams, cameras, smartphones and other mobile devices including:  DV NTSC, DV PAL, DV 24p, HDV, DVCPRO50 - 480i, DVCPRO50 - 576i, DVCPROHD - 1080i, DVCPROHD - 720p, XDCAM EX - 1080i, XDCAM EX - 1080p, XDCAM EX - 720p, XDCAM HD - 1080i, XDCAM HD - 1080p.  Click on this link to see a complete list of video footage formats we can edit.

Video Tape and Film Conversion

Original Source
Analogue format
Capture to Digital Cost
mpg-2 suitable for editing
Conversion Cost
to DVD video movie or
mp4 video for the web
mini DV  $50 per hour of tape $50 per hour of tape
DV cam $50 per hour of tape $50 per hour of tape
8 mm (PAL or NTSC) $60 per hour of tape $120 per hour of tape
Digital 8 $60 per hour of tape $120 per hour of tape
VHS $40 per hour of tape $50 per hour of tape
VHS compact $60 per hour of tape $120 per hour of tape
Super VHS $60 per hour of tape $120 per hour of tape
BetaMax $50 per minute of tape $100 per minute of tape
Super 8 film $4 per minute of film $8 per minute of film
Regular 8 film $4 per minute of film $8 per minute of film

Capture to Digital Cost: Whatever is on the original source tape or film is captured into a digital file in a non-compressed high quality mpg-2 format, the most common format suitable for video editing and suitable for video editing in all non linear video editing systems. The mpg-2 file can be burned to DVD or uploaded to a USB stick if less than 4 GB in size which can then be uploaded to a PC or Mac for editing. The mpg-2 files can also be uploaded to an external hard drive if there are multiple hours of digital video files. These files will play on your PC or Mac. Please allow for 3 to 4 business days for processing.

Conversion Cost to DVD video movie or mp4 video for the web:  If no video editing is required, the captured non-compressed mpg-2 file can be compressed into the DVD video movie format or mp4 video.  The DVD video movie can be played on any DVD player and watched on television.  The mp4 video is ready to be uploaded to a website, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or other video hosting platforms. Please allow for 3 to 4 business days for processing.

Photos and Slides Conversion To Video

We can convert both hardcopy photos and slides to video. This is done by scanning hardcopy photos and slides into digital and then converting the digital format into video. For more about our photos and slides scanning service click here.

We can take your existing digital photos and other materials in any of the file formats listed below and convert them to video format. We work with all video formats so your photos and slides can be converted into any video format you may require from standard definition to any high definition format.

Adobe PDF (*.pdf) PC Paint (*.pic)
Adobe Illustrator (*.ai) PCIT (*.pct)
Adobe Illustrator EPS (*.eps) Pixar (*.pxr)
Adobe Illustrator SVG (*.svg) Portable Bitmap (*.pbm)
Adobe Illustrator SVG compressed (*.svgz) Portable Greymap (*.pgm)
Adobe PhotoShop (*.psd) Portable Network Graphics (*.png)
Adobe PhotoShop EPS (*.eps) Portable Pixelmap (*.ppm)
Adobe PhotoShop DCS 1.0 (*.dcs) Raw File Format (*.raw)
Adobe PhotoShop DCS 2.0 (*.dcs) SciTex Continuous Tone (*.sct)
Adobe PhotoShop PDF (*.pdf) SGI Image File (*.rgb)
Amiga (*.iff) Sun Raster Image (*.ras)
Compuserve Graphics Interchange (*.gif) Tagged Image File Format (*.tif or *.tiff)
Deluxe Paint (*.lbm) TrueVision Targa (*.tga)
Dr. Halo (*.cut) Windows Clipboard (*.clp)
Encapsulated Postscript (*.eps) Windows Enhanced Meta File (*.emf)
FlashPix (*.fpx) Windows Meta File (*.wmf)
GEM Paint (*.img) Windows or Compuserve RLE (*.rle)
JPEG (*.jpg) Windows or OS/2 Bitmap (*.bmp)
MacIntosh PICT (*.pct) Windows or OS/2 DIB (*.dib)
MacPaint (*.mac) WordPerfect Bitmap (*.wpg)
Microsoft Paint (*.msp) Zsoft Paintbrush (*.pcx)
Paint Shop Pro (*.psp)

Video Conversion Between Formats

If you have video files in one format and require those videos to be converted to another file format, we can convert the following video file formats for you: aaf, avi, cineon cin dpx, 3D Studio 3ds or max or chr, electricimage  img or ei, filmstrip flm, Flash flv, importer-DirectShow, ImporterP2 mxf, Maya Scene ma, mov, mpg, mpg1, mpg2, mp4, omf, OpenEXR exr, Radiance hdr or rgbe or xyze, RLA/RPf, SoftImage pic, swf, wmv, vob, NTSC, PAL

Video Size Conversion

We work with all video sizes both in Standard Definition and High Definition. If you need a video converted from one frame size to another frame size, we can resize your videos for you even though the pixel aspect ratios may be different. We can convert your Standard Definition videos to High Definition videos.

Video Editing

We offer comprehensive state-of-the-art video editing services include cuts, scene transitions, image quality adjustments, layering, masking, lighting, keying, matting, animation, 3D compositing, 3D modeling, color replacements, tone adjustments, extensive sophisticated special effects, titling, 2D and 3D graphics production, rotoscoping and cartoon conversion.

Video Backgrounds

We have an extensive archive of video backgrounds that can be used as backdrops behind text, images, graphics, and animation.

Video Titling

We can create movie titles for the beginning of your movie and rolling credits for the end of your movie using any text font and color that you'd like. We can also create graphics, animation and special effects to your movie titles and movie credits.

Video Graphics

We have an extensive archive of video graphics ready to be customized to add a truly professional touch to your video.  In addition to hundreds of fonts, colours and textures for 2D or 3D text and logo creation, the video graphics available are listed below in alphabetical order for the following themes:

Advertising Halloween
All Sports Hollywood
Anniversaries In The Deep
At the Movies Judges
Baby Law
Birth Day Light Effects
Broadcasting Medical
Business Particles
Christmas Party
Corporate Romance
Education Roses Galore
E-Learning Spring
Filigrees Summer
Financial Technology
Fire Thanksgiving
Food Valentines
Global Wedding
Graduation Winter

Video Animation

We have an extensive archive of video animation available in the themes listed above in Video Graphics.  In addition, we offer hundreds of animated effects to enhance the viewer's visual experience and make your video outstanding.  

Video Special Effects

We offer an extensive range of special effects for your video.  Everything from light waves to particle flows,  fireworks to fairy dust and more.  We use the same technology used by television networks and movie studios to produce the special effects you've come to love - limited only by our imagination.

Video To Cartoon Conversion

If you're looking to convert your video into a cartoon, we have sophisticated tools that can quickly convert your video to look like a cartoon. You can see this technology at work in the Charles Schwab commercials on television. 

Video Subtitles

If you would like to include subtitles in your video or movie, we can add subtitles in most languages if you provide us with the text in the language you are want for subtitles.

Audio Conversion To Video/Audio Formats

The typical audio format for video is 48 Hz.   Often soundtracks, music files and voiceovers are recorded in a file format that is different from what is required for your video. We convert the following digital formats:  64 bit doubles raw format dbl, 8-bit signed sam, A/mu Law wave, ACM waveform, Amiga IFF-8SVX, Apple AIFF, ASCI text data, Audition Loop cel, CD Digital Audio cda,  Creative Sound Blaster voc, Dialogic ADPCM vox, DiamondWare Digitized dwd, DVI/IMA ADPCM wav, Microsoft ADPCM wav, mp3, NextSun au and snd, SampleVision smp, Windows Media Audio wma, Windows PCM wav and PCM raw data.

Audio Editing

Audio editing services include multi-track editing, mixing, frequency adjustments, amplitude adjustments, noise reduction, hiss reduction, time and pitch adjustments, sophisticated filter adjustments, delay effects, reverb effects and a broad range of special effects.

Royalty Free Soundtracks

We have an extensive archive of royalty free soundtracks that can be used in your video.  Our archive consists of every genre of music from classical to jazz to rock and roll and rap.  We have soundtracks for virtually every occasion.  Our soundtracks typically include a 10 second, 15 second, 1 minute and 2 to 4 minutes version.

Audio Special Effects

We have an extensive archive of audio special effects.


We can record voiceovers for your video or integrate any voiceover sound files you have into your video. We can also provide professional narrators for your voiceovers.

Video DVD Menus

All DVD movies require a menu from which your video can be played. We can produce any type of DVD menu including multiple submenus complete with video backdrops, graphics and soundtracks.

Video Mastering

Once your video is fully edited and the menus for your video have been prepared, the video DVD is mastered. Your video will be mastered to comply with NTSC standards or PAL standards. NTSC is a standard used on most North American DVD players whereas PAL is a standard for most European and Asian DVD players.

To achieve the results you are looking for, put our experience and expertise to work to for you. Contact us for a free consultation by calling or e-mailing us.  You are guaranteed a prompt and courteous reply. Tell us how we can be of service to you. If you wish, you call us directly at 1-604-929-9279.

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