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We convert hardcopy photos, slides, negatives, film strips and print media into digital format.  This is done by scanning your hardcopy media into digital files.  For more information, please refer to our Scanning Services.

Once your photos and media are in digital format, we can restore the images from your photos, slides, negatives, film strips and other media. These items can be converted to high definition video, made suitable for high quality printing, scaled in size while mainting excellent quality and formatted to suit whatever purpose you need them for.

We also convert digital photos, slides, negatives, film strips and other digital media into a variety of digital file formats as listed below for whatever software application you need.

Digital File Types
The most common file format for photographs is JPEG or JPG.
Adobe PDF (*.pdf) PC Paint (*.pic)
Adobe Illustrator (*.ai) PCIT (*.pct)
Adobe Illustrator EPS (*.eps) Pixar (*.pxr)
Adobe Illustrator SVG (*.svg) Portable Bitmap (*.pbm)
Adobe Illustrator SVG compressed (*.svgz) Portable Greymap (*.pgm)
Adobe PhotoShop (*.psd) Portable Network Graphics (*.png)
Adobe PhotoShop EPS (*.eps) Portable Pixelmap (*.ppm)
Adobe PhotoShop DCS 1.0 (*.dcs) Raw File Format (*.raw)
Adobe PhotoShop DCS 2.0 (*.dcs) SciTex Continuous Tone (*.sct)
Adobe PhotoShop PDF (*.pdf) SGI Image File (*.rgb)
Amiga (*.iff) Sun Raster Image (*.ras)
Compuserve Graphics Interchange (*.gif) Tagged Image File Format (*.tif or *.tiff)
Deluxe Paint (*.lbm) TrueVision Targa (*.tga)
Dr. Halo (*.cut) Windows Clipboard (*.clp)
Encapsulated Postscript (*.eps) Windows Enhanced Meta File (*.emf)
FlashPix (*.fpx) Windows Meta File (*.wmf)
GEM Paint (*.img) Windows or Compuserve RLE (*.rle)
JPEG (*.jpg) Windows or OS/2 Bitmap (*.bmp)
MacIntosh PICT (*.pct) Windows or OS/2 DIB (*.dib)
MacPaint (*.mac) WordPerfect Bitmap (*.wpg)
Microsoft Paint (*.msp) Zsoft Paintbrush (*.pcx)
Paint Shop Pro (*.psp)

Photo Conversion To Video

We convert digital photos to digital video both NTSC and PAL for all popular video sizes in standard definition or high definition, widescreen or not.  We convert digital photos for all formats of web video. We can add text, captions, graphics, animation, special effects and audio to your digital photos for conversion to video. More information on Video Editing Services.

Getting Your Photos To Us For Photo Conversion

To get your photos to us for Photo Conversion, choose one of the following options:

1.  By email - file size limit of 10MB per email

2.  By FTP - no file size limits

3.  On CD or DVD delivered through Canada Post regular mail, Express Post or Registered mail, or by courier to the
     address at the bottom of this page.

Converted Photos Delivery

After your photos are converted to your desired format, choose from the following options to take delivery of your photos:

1.  By email - file size limit of 10MB per email

2.  By FTP - no file size limits

3.  On CD or DVD delivered through Canada Post regular mail, Express Post or Registered mail, UPS delivery available
All of your original media will be shipped back to you if required using the delivery method you specify.


Pricing is dependant on the amount of time it takes to convert your photos between file formats or conversion to video.  Be sure to ask us for a quote.

All prices are in CDN dollars.  Payable by cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card or PayPal account.  Payment due upon work completion prior to delivery.  

How To Get A Quote ?

To achieve the results you are looking for, put our experience and expertise to work to for you. If you have any questions about our Photography Services, contact us for a free consultation by calling or e-mailing us or by completing the Photography Services Information Request. You are guaranteed a prompt and courteous reply. Tell us how we can be of service to you.

You may contact us directly at:

 4761 Clinton Street
 Burnaby, British Columbia
 V5J 2L1
 tel:  604 929-9279 from 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific Standard 
 Please call for an appointment



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