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Our Web Design and Development Services are driven by the objectives you define in achieving success. We explore your needs and find out what you want to achieve. Then we design, develop and implement cost effective solutions for you.  With a comprehensive suite of products and services, we are your one stop shop for web site services. Based in Vancouver, we service clients across Canada and the United States.  

We make it simple, easy and as convenient as possible to provide you with everything you need to succeed with your web site.  We work with you tirelessly to ensure you meet your objectives.  Take advantage of our experience and expertise in web hosting, search engine optimization, graphics and animation production, photography services, video production and business services including business planning, product development, engineering, marketing,  international business development, media communications and sales. 

We can produce everything you need or work with what you already have in place. Since we use leading technologies to design and develop your web site, we work fast and efficiently and this saves you money. Our prices are competitive - truly affordable web design.

Web Design services include:

Design and Content Authoring Customer Surveys
Graphics and Animation Production Link Production and Management
E-Commerce with Real-Time Payment Processing Media Communications
Keywords Research and Analysis Newsletters
Search Engine Optimized Pages RSS
Audio and Video Production Blogs
Forms, Data Collection, Databases Reseller Development
Multimedia Presentations Security - Encryption
Catalogues Password Restricted Access
E-books Site Performance Tracking
Competition Analysis Performance Analysis
Customer Relationship Management Web Site Administration and Management
We want you to success with your web site.  So we extend a helping hand by giving you all the basics for free!

                              Look at what you get for FREE

FREE Web Design Consultation

You get FREE unlimited web design consultation time with us. From the first consultation right through the lifetime of your web site, we are always available to you to discuss with you free of charge the design and development of your web site. 

It is absolutely essential for us to clearly understand what you need and what you want so that we can save you money upfront in development costs and deliver a web site destined to maximize your return on investment.

After our initial web design consultation, we conduct an analysis and prepare a no-obligation Web Design Quote for you to review. Our Quote gives you a detailed list of proposed web design and development activities including timelines for completion and cost estimates. We provide our Quote free-of-charge in a timely fashion.

We understand how important it is to work within your budget so we guarantee our Quote within a 10% margin.

FREE Domain Name Registration and Administration

Get your domain name registration free for the first year when you sign up for our web design services.  If you already have a domain name, we offer to transfer it for you free of charge to ensure that it is properly configured and administered.

The selection of your domain name is a critical factor for the success of your web site.  For example, it is easier to perform well on the search engines if your main keywords are included in your domain name.  Let us research and identify your site's optimum keywords and recommend the best domain name for your web site.

FREE Web Hosting Management Services

When you sign up for our Web Design and Development Services, you are eligible for our top quality Web Site Hosting Management Services free of charge for as long as your account remains active with us.  If your account remains inactive for a year or longer, we will charge you a small fee for services related to managing your web hosting for tasks including server software updates, configuration and backups.

FREE Search Engine Submissions

Once your web site is ready to go, we submit your web site to the top search engines on the internet for you FREE of charge.  In addition, we program your web site so that whenever changes are made to your web pages, the search engines are automatically notified and come and crawl your web site, usually within 24 to 48 hours.  This means that your site content is always up to date in the search engines and you never have to re-submit your web site to the search engines.

Right from the get go, your web site is designed and developed to get hundreds of top rankings on the top internet search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN without having to spend thousands of dollars on search engine advertising such as Google AdWords. High rankings on search engines are the first crucial step in driving traffic to your web site.   

FREE Web Analytics

Tracking the performance of a number of variables about your web site is absolutely critical in order to continuously improve the performance of your site.  We program your web site so that all of the important data about your web site performance is collected and available to you 24/7. All you do is log in to check performance parameters in real time. Data is provided for whatever time period you specify.

FREE Internet Merchant Account for E-commerce

If you want your web site to accept credit card payments with payments getting processed to you right away, you will need an Internet Merchant Account. Getting an Internet Merchant Account through your bank or ISP can be a costly venture. So, we recommend our clients save their money and get a FREE Internet Merchant Account with the leading online payment processor, PayPal.  Used by more than 50 million businesses online, PayPal is owned by world reknown ebay.com and offers extensive e-commerce capabilities.  At PayPal, an Internet Merchant account is free to set up and will take you about 20 minutes to setup online.  All you need to open a free Internet Merchant Account is a credit card.

LOW COST E-commerce

We can program your web site to accept credit card payments as well as payments by electronic cheque. Credit cards for which payment is accepted from over 100 countries around the world include Visa, MasterCard, American Express and The Discover Card. As soon as a purchase is made on your web site, you are immediately notified of payment and payment is processed right away. With the click of the mouse, you can transfer payment to whatever bank account you wish. Invoicing and e-mail credit card invoicing are available.

Web Site Security and SSL Certificates

If we host your web site, you will get all of the benefits of the security measures we have in place including anti-virus, a fully monitored network, firewalled network and tripwire and intrusion detection.  SSL Certificates are not required for the payment processing system we add to your web site. However, if you wish to get an SSL certificate for your web site, we can arrange this for you at a cost competitive price. Both generic and time stamped SSL Certificates are available to you.

Top Quality Web Page Coding

Our web design includes optimal design of your web site's navigation structure, web page file names, file sizes, important tags needed by search engine indexing activities and other quality coding practices. There are many variables that determine the success or failure of a web site's performance. Variables such as coding content that is recognizable to search engine indexing activities, compliance, security, cross browser compatibility, navigation structure, page downloading times, file naming of web content and the all important tags in code that make the difference between your site ranking #1 on Google or #250. You don't have to pay for expensive software licensing fees to incorporate top quality coding on your web pages.  Just take advantage of our expertise.

Web Page Content Authoring

We can provide you with guidelines for web page content in order to optimize the performance of each web page or we can do it all for you.  Provide us with concepts and information that you'd like to include in your web pages. We'll prepare the content, review it with you, update as required and publish. The content we prepare is optimized to build traffic to the web page. Let us develop content that will help you get high rankings on Google and Yahoo. Web Content Authoring from top quality sales copy to technical writing, get the right content on your web pages that responds to the needs of your readers and drives up traffic and conversion rates.

To achieve the results you are looking for, put our experience and expertise to work to for you. Contact us for a free consultation by calling or e-mailing us or by completing the Web Design Information Request. You are guaranteed a prompt and courteous reply. Tell us how we can be of service to you.

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