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We offer expert digital Photography Services including Scanning, Photo Fix, Photo Restoration, Re-sizing, Digital Frames, Collages, Montages, color replacement, keying (partial image replacement), special effects, backdrops, artwork production, graphics production, 2D to 3D conversion, 3D compositing, animation and video production.  Take advantage of our Photography Services for advertisements, commercials, corporate presentations and corporate video, documentaries, website images, graphics and videos, wedding albums and wedding movies, life story movies, photo albums, multimedia presentations, movies and more. 

Any collection of hardcopy and digital media can used to produce a digital or hardcopy photo album, multimedia presentation or movie on DVD for playback on TV or PC or for display on the web including interactive functionality.

Digital Photography Services include:

Photo Scanning

We scan multiple hardcopy media including photographs, magazine and newspapers, artwork, film and slides.  We can scan media up to 8.5 inches by 11 inches or 21.5 centimeters by 28 centimeters.  For larger media, we apply tiling techniques.  We scan 35 mm film strip or 120 film format.  More information on our Scanning Services.

Photo Fix

Our Photo Scans are high quality.  However, if your media has scratches or fading or other artifacts, these will appear in the scan.  You may select our Photo Fix option where we can remove scratches, correct for color fading, adjust image quality, remove artifacts and completely restore your media to look flawless.  As the level of effort to make these adjustments can vary significantly with each piece of media, be sure to ask us for a quote.  More information on our Photo Fix Services.

Photo Restoration

If you have photographs that are faded, torn, stained or scratched, we can restore them for you. First we scan them and convert them into digital form. Then we perform whatever adjustments are required to restore your photograph to look just like new or better. You can choose to get your restored digital photographs re-printed in hardcopy matte or glossy format to the size you specify.  Restored digital photos can be delivered on CD, via ftp or by e-mail.  For a series of restored digital photos, consider a digital photo album on DVD that you can watch with friends and family.  More information on our Photo Restoration Service

Photo Re-Sizing

We can re-size your scanned media to the dimensions you require.  For example, if your photograph is 3 inches wide and 2 inches tall, we can re-size your photograph to any other size, smaller or larger.  We re-size photos for printing purposes and web display.  

Photo Conversion

We can convert your photos to multiple formats.  We can also convert your photographs to digital video for viewing on DVD.  More information on Photo Conversion Service.

Digital Photo Frames

If you like to add a digital picture frame around your digital photo, select a design from available frames or have us create a frame using the colors and textures best suited for your special photo. Add an elegant finishing touch by framing photos, applying creative edges, or adding artistic borders.  More information on our Digital Photo Frames.

Photo Collages

A Photo Collage is a collection of images that have been combined into one image or one photo.  

Photo Montages

A Photo Montage is a movie of still photos.  Motion such as image panning as well as graphics and animation can be added to a Photo Montage.

Special Effect Photo Editing

We can edit your photos to include special effects.  We have hundreds of special effects available.  From organic effects such as sunlight, nightfall, light rays, rain, snow, fog, lightning and fire to fireworks, particle flows, glows, reflections, warps and so much more. Whatever special effect you may require for your photo, we can create it for you.

Black and White Photo Editing

We can convert color photos to black and white as well as sepia or for that matter, any other color tone.

Website Image Editing

If you have photos that you would like to include on a web site, we can edit your photos to suit your requirements, compress the photos for optimum loading and display.  We can clip out objects from your photos and convert them into any type of website graphics required including 3D animation.

Multimedia Presentations

Any collection of hardcopy and digital media can used to produce a multimedia presentation on DVD for playback on TV or PC or for display on the web including interactive functionality. We produce corporate presentations, sales presentations, product demonstrations, case studies, strategic plans, business plans and marketing plans.

Photo Albums

Photo Albums consists of a series of photos and other media either in digital form or in hardcopy format.  Image quality adjustments, text, graphics and special effects can be produced for either format.  The main difference between formats is the ability to add motion and animation to the digital format.  Hardcopy images are static. More information on our Photo Albums Service.

Photo Backdrops

If you have an image where you'd like to replace the backdrop to a series of objects, we can create any type of backdrop you'd like to have.

Photography Art

We convert digital photos into Photo Art including pencil sketches, charcoal sketches, oil paintings, water colour paintings and cartoons.

Portrait Photo Editing

If you have portrait photos that require any type of editing such as eye color adjustments, complexion adjustments, hair and makeup touch-ups, color changes or object replacement.  We can remove and add people to your special portraits. We can even make you look thinner.

Commercial Photo Editing

We edit photos used in commercial productions from corporate video to advertisements.  From creating 3D models of objects clipped from a photo to applying materials, textures, effects, lighting and an extensive range of advanced photo editing techniques, we can manipulate your images to create the graphics you require for your commercial endeavours.

Wedding Photo Editing

Perhaps it's time to take that photo album of wedding photos and convert them into a digital photo album before those photos fade into oblivion.  Preserve your most priceless moments forever by converting them into digital photos or digital video with our Scanning Services and Photo Restoration Services.  If you have a ton of digital photos taken of your wedding by multiple digital cameras and would like have them all in one movie with uniform high image quality, consult us about our Wedding Photo Editing Services.

Life Story Photo Editing

For occasions such as birthdays and memorials, we produce life story videos from collections of photos.

Pet Photography Editing

Pets are important family members.  Take advantage of our photo editing expertise to create the photos and videos of your pets to best remember them by.

How To Get A Quote?

To achieve the results you are looking for, put our experience and expertise to work to for you. If you have any questions about our Photography Services, contact us for a free consultation by calling or e-mailing us or by completing the Photography Services Information Request. You are guaranteed a prompt and courteous reply. Tell us how we can be of service to you.

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